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This Qur'an rendition represents one of the most important contributions to understanding the Qur'an in the last 50 years. It is as excellent as an explanation of the Qur’an in English could ever be.

This rendition includes further references from well-regarded tafsirs and other parts of the Qur’an to explain points that are often mis-construed and the rhyming pattern gives some hint of the majesty of the Qur'an in the original language to listeners in English.

In compiling the digital version, the illustrations and tone of voice employed, take the work from strength to strength. I feel it is worthy of shaping the English understanding of the Qur'an for years to come.

Sheikh Hassan Abu Jaffer - Nottingham

This rhyming Qur'an is a truly interesting project that appeals directly to young people and will encourage them to reflect and consider the Qur'an more deeply. It uses other verses to help explain verses in question, rather than simply deal with them in isolation. It is also colour coded and has added items from tafsirs, taking from the people of the Qur'an, the companions of the Prophet, to give extra support to explanations given.

The way brother Loay has completed his compilation, using different sources, has made it very accessible. It is almost perfect in conveying core meanings, bearing in mind that any attempt in conveying the Arabic into English is, at best, just an attempt at capturing the Word of God, the Almighty Allah, revealed through his Prophet, Peace be upon him.

The rhyme will make a big difference to those who are used to listening to modern poetry and rap, fitting to their modern times and environment. The still pictures are another huge bonus, adding a feeling to the theme of the verses being recited. For example at times, we see a version of Hellfire and we see a version of Heaven, capturing the harshness and the beauty. This is very important to the younger generation as the words mean one thing but the pictures can add something else.

I hope that everyone who sees it, appreciates and participates in sharing it with others as this is a contemporary understanding, fitting for this generation.

May Allah make this a blessed version for all those who come to it and help them value the fact that as a teacher and headteacher, brother Loay is also hugely concerned with academic success, so parents using this portal are able to access all of the items needed to help study things such as English and Maths, alongside the Qur'an. May Allah bless him and give him success, to continue to do the good work he has done and to continue to revisit this work to improve it for future generations, Allah willing.

Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir - Rumi's Cave, London

This is a trailblazing project that offers a high quality Islamic (and mainstream) educational tool that is ambitious, creative and captivating. By having successfully raised the bar, children, parents and teachers all stand to profit immensely. We have, what I hope, will be the first of many projects pioneered by perhaps one of the most devoted young Muslim educators in Britain.

This is unmistakably cultural and educational ingenuity at its finest. Not only does Mr El Hady create a most impressive Qur'anic tool for children, but also seamlessly integrates it with Maths, English and Science lessons. Muslim children in the English-speaking world have had their pleas of being bored (particularly in Qur'an lessons) misinterpreted as insolence for far too long. We continue to ignore them at our own peril. This six year project is tailored to their needs, engaging and will give children confidence in their foundations; both academically and Islamically.

Islamic education does not have to bore children. Thanks for proving that!

Hafiz Imran Muhammad Khan - Researcher in Arabic Poetry, St. Andrews University

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