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Study and Revision offers the widest and most up to date information on explaining school subjects, preparing for exams and helping students understanding the Qur'an.

One parent subscriber, Haleema, recently commented that:

...this gives all three of my children all the tuition they need for less that £20 a month for Qur'an and school. It has saved me so much money on tuition and they can always explain what they've learnt to me!

Meanwhile, Sheikh Babikr of London also comments that this rendition of the Qur'an...

...is almost perfect in conveying core meanings.

In short, study and revision gives students access to a teacher and straight forward explanations at any time of the day of night

If you would like to sponsor a student or group of students with a monthly subscription then please select a monthly subscription amount.

We will combine your donation with other donations to best serve the requests of those who are most in need of our service.

If you would like to sponsor a large number of students, say a whole school year group, or students of a mosque or of a specific community, please contact us.

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