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Study and Revision's Qur'an content contains a rhyming, contextualised version of the Qur'an in simple English, compiled by a secondary school Headteacher and checked thoroughly by a traditional Islamic scholar.

It is designed to offer young Muslims a way of accessing the Qur'an in a format similar to the best examples of online education and entertainment.

This version is easy to listen to and access, encouraging Muslims to focus on verses' meanings, history and explanations.


...This Qur'an rendition represents one of the most important contributions to understanding the Qur'an in the last 50 years...

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Sheikh Hassan Abu Jaffer - Nottingham

...the way brother Loay has completed his compilation, using different sources, has made it very accessible. It is almost perfect in conveying core meanings...

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Sheikh Babikir Ahmed Babikir - Rumi's Cave, London

...This is a trailblazing project that offers a high quality Islamic (and mainstream) educational tool that is ambitious, creative and captivating...

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Hafiz Imran Muhammad Khan - Researcher in Arabic Poetry, St. Andrews University


This explanation of the Qur'an is colour coded so readers know where information is drawn from. Whether it is directly something from the Qur'an, a cross reference, from another part of the Qur'an or explanations offered in the highly renowned scholarly works of Ibn Abass and Jalalayn.

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Another feature is the use of images to assist in capturing the spirit of a verse and giving younger viewers something to draw them in that is comparable to the way they normally watch and learn.

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3D modelled worlds

The newest and most innovative addition to helping young people access the Qur'an is the use of 3D modelling, normally used in video games, to build scenic landscapes that give also reflect the spirit of verses and chapters. This will be completed throughout the coming year, God willing.

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Interview with Sheikh Hassan

Accompanying articles for Qur'an content

We have a number of articles explaining our Qur'an content, covering its intended usage, format and creation.

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